Friday, 5 June 2015

Melbourne's Best Laneway Cafes

We love our laneways here in Melbourne. There is nothing quite like stumbling upon an unexpected cafe down a laneway- and the danker and darker the better. There are many laneway cafes worth mentioning in Melbourne, but here I will highlight a few that deserve their moment in the spotlight:

1. Vertue of the Coffee Drink

Recently opened in Carlton The Vertue of the Coffee Drink ticks all the boxes - it is well hidden down a back laneway, the food, coffee, architecture are all stunning and service is really efficient too.

See more photos here

2. Switchboard

An oldie but a goodie. Tucked in to Manchester Unity Arcade off Swanston St this hole in the wall is so central and a perennial favourite.

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3. Che Dre

Up a cobblestoned laneway Che Dre produces the most amazing cakes and pastries. The subtile entrance doesn't hint at the scale of this place.

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4. Krimper

I love the setting of this place - cobbles, bluestone, laneways off laneways... The cafe itself is great too - true to it's heritage with several vintage features retained.

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5. Little King

So Cute! Vintage quaintness just a stones throw from Fed Square.
This place is tiny, but a smattering of outdoor laneway seating allows for a few more bums on seats...

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6. Patricia

Beautiful, minimalist, coffee-focussed and standing room only...

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Patricia is also featured in Espresso Tales Magazine Volume Two

7. Hoboken

Graffitied within an inch of it's life, this oft-photographed cafe in an oft-photographed laneway adjacent to Fed Square is well located and actually simple and laid-back once inside...

See more photos here

8. Raw Trader

A recent find - this suits me to a tee with my recent vegan explorations. Coffee from Melbourne roaster Red Star and all food home-made and raw, vegan, gluten free, sugar free etc...

See more photos here

9. Little Mule

A coffee shop but also a bike shop. Very Melbourne indeed....

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10. Captains of Industry

I love this pace. It feels kinda underground-speakeasy-gentleman's club-ish. And not only up a laneway but also up a flight of stairs. So there.

See more photos here

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