Wednesday, 25 January 2012

the quartermaster's store

The Quartermaster's Store
68 Edgevale Rd

I love a good neighbourhood cafe. The parking is free (in both senses of the word) the vibe is chilled, the clientele laid back.. and this little ex-milk-bar cafe boasts all this, and more. It is cute, inside and out, with several sweet touches: the signage, the vintage pieces, the classroom style chairs (that's how they were in my day, certainly..) Oh, and a range of newspapers are for sale too, for anyone missing the original milk bar, I guess.. Nice one, check it out..


Anonymous said...

The quartemasrs is such a breath of fresh air amazing home made food wonderful service. Cafe is run by Michael who makes it a warm friendly place to be he remembers your name. It's the first cafe in Kew where customers talk a d meet each other its the local meeting point. Everyone seems to love it from mums kids dads work people even babies !

Rebecca Hughes, Melbourne Photographer. said...

Every one needs a relaxed and friendly local!

Eliza said...

Best coffee in the Kew / hawthorn area and Lemon slice just like mum used to make heavenly !

Rebecca Hughes, Melbourne Photographer. said...

Ohh will have to try the lemon slice next time then!!

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