Friday, 24 February 2012

the little ox

The Little Ox, cafe and catering
452 New Street, Brighton,
Melbourne 3186

I have never been here before today - but I must be the only one going by the crowds queuing out the door! This efficient, buzzy local cafe is doing something right!
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Rocio.Reyes said...

This place is great, it has a feeling of being effortlessly good! Cappuccino was fantastic and the breakfast a good portion. I'm an international student from Miami,Fl. and am happy that I found this blog! I grew up on some good cuban coffee and have yet to seek out the great coffee places around melbourne.

Rebecca Hughes, Melbourne Photographer. said...

Thanks! Hope you enjoy discovering many of Melbourne's great cafes!

Kristina said...

such a lovely place, need to check this out soon! just moved to melbourne and love to discover all those great places with your help!! thanks rebecca! :)

Rebecca Hughes, Melbourne Photographer. said...

Aw, thanks Kristina - enjoy. So many great places out there!

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