Sunday, 29 May 2011

friends of mine

friends of mine cafe
506 swan st
melbourne 3121

Love it. Wish I had got here sooner! Love the three distinct spaces - opulent shopfront, central canteen-style space and a more formal 'eating house' space with a European gentleman's club charm...

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aXil coffee roasters

axil coffee roasters
322 burwood rd
melbourne 3122

Axil is housed in a huge space -  one would expect it to lose intimacy and charm in such a vast space - but it works! The space is divided with a 'living wall' which certainly helps divide up the sheer volume of the cafe space, as do the hanging pendant lamps. The black high-shine floor and black laminate panelling also close in the space to add intimacy. Top marks to their designer. The coffee of course is fabulous.

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

bluebird espresso

bluebird espresso
134 johnston st

Friendly spot and somewhat of an oasis at this end of Johnston Street....

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