Thursday, 15 December 2011

pearl oyster

pearl oyster cafe
114 miller st

I bundled the kids in the car and headed due north. 'We're going up north girls!'
'Will it be snowing?'
'Does Santa live there?'
'Um.. it might snow sometimes but it won't be snowing today'
It was maybe not as exciting as they anticipated (no snow, no Santa) but they did have a ball at Pearl Oyster. Paper and pencils, and a chocolate cup cake. What could be better?
My latte was pretty damn good too.
Interiors - love the rolled counter front, kitsch formica and vinyl furniture and quirky details.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


plantation cafe
level 2, shop 253 
melbourne central
melbourne 3000

I had an education this morning at Plantation - I sampled a cold drop coffee (made over night, put on ice and dished up with a solitary ice-cube - not unlike a shot of whiskey) and a syphoned coffee, made before me - and photographed below. Watching a barista craft a syphon coffee is like watching a scientist conducting an experiment - everything is weighed and timed and checked for temperature... The resulting coffee is tea-like in consistency (light and clean) and not unlike wine for its subtle nuances.. the aroma, the initial taste, the after taste....
Usually I just concentrate on photographing cafe interiors - but today I delved a little deeper!

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

8 days

8 days cafe
1184 high st, armadale
melbourne 3143

New to the Melbourne cafe scene 8 days, perched on a busy High Street corner in Armadale, does it all and does it all very well indeed. This spacious, ambient eatery is dishing up excellent coffee, amazing food and great service... The perfect addition to this well heeled, urban neighbourhood.

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