Wednesday, 1 June 2011

chez dre

chez dre pâtisserie boulangerie 
285-287 coventry st
south melbourne 3205

What a surprise! Up an unassuming alley one wouldn't stumble upon this place, which is why I haven't been here, I guess, despite it's location. After a tip off I popped in on route to the markets camera in one hand three year old in the other... and was warmly received. What a space. So many interesting and unique elements - note the floor - cool.

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The Cuisinerd said...

Arg!!! Those floors!? Beautiful.

Rebecca Hughes, Melbourne Photographer. said...

Stunning floors indeed! Hand painted.....

Andy said...

this used to be my old college photography studio... just do you know it has a great connection to photography too :)

Rebecca Hughes, Melbourne Photographer. said...

Great story Andy, love it - thanks!

Lucas Kain said...

Great photos! The place looks a bit industrial, but fancy at the same time. It has a certain feel to it, can't explain it with words. Thank you for sharing!

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