Tuesday, 16 July 2013


20 Guildford Ln, 
VIC 3000

Ahh, Melbourne, we do love a good laneway cafe, don't we? The harder to find and the gloomier the laneway the better. Top marks to Krimper then!

This is the perfect winter hideout with great coffee and smiley staff.
I love so many details about this place. The door, for starters. My profile portrait was actually taken in front of this door a few years back! (See?Exposed brick may have been done before, but here it is perfect for adding warmth and character to this cavernous space. This is a really photogenic space - so I'll let the pictures fill in the blanks...

all photos www.rhphoto.com.au


Linn said...

Looks like a great place :)

Rebecca Hughes, Melbourne Photographer. said...

It is great! Great coffee, relaxed vibe!

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